Sidras Bereziartua will be the official cider at Euskadi-Basque Country International Cheese Festival

The most important cheese festival this year has already an official natural cider. The awarded Sidra Bereziartua, from Astigarraga, will be the unique cider at Euskadi-Basque Country International Cheese Festival 2016.

If the aim of the Festival is to promote and strengthen the productive vocations linked with the production of artisan cheese, while boosting in overall our tradition, culture and nature, Sidras Bereziartua is the best choice as travel companion during the days 16, 17 and November 18.

Bereziartua uses Galician, French and native apple varieties and thanks to recent impulses to the products of Euskal Herria, especially with the support of Eusko Label, they are gradually recovering native apple production.

In the area Experimenting with we will have the opportunity to attend the presentation “Cata de sidra Bereziartua, diferentes manzanas y tipos de acidez que combinan con quesos” by Aitor Bereziartua, Commercial Director of Sidrería Bereziartua.

This cider will also be present in the Networking space where meetings of the business agenda between professionals will take place.