First cheese makers confirmed for the exhibition space Gazta Market

Located in Madrid, we produce pure sheep farm cheese. Our cheeses are presented under the MARQUÉS DE MENDIOLA trade name and are made from raw milk exclusively from our farm. +INFO

In the Canary Islands, we take care of our animals with a selected food to get fresh milk needed to develop our range of cheese. +INFO

All livestock is from the typical merina race, known for the quality of milk for the production of fine and pure sheep cheese, Serena Protected Designation of Origin. +INFO

The cheeses are made with milk from cows from the farm. Food is healthy and natural, what guarantees a quality product and distinct flavor. +INFO


The cheese that since its inception has been developed at our cheese factory in Caceres, has been from raw goat milk, making the familiar and famous cheese Acehúche. +INFO

We prepare raw milk cheese personally designed in very small amount, with intense and punchy milk. Special natural refined in own cave. +INFO