Alimentias with Euskadi-Basque Country International Cheese Festival

Alimentias will be part of the Euskadi-Basque Country International Cheese Festival at the Business Center where you can taste their products and sharing the passion for cheeses. They will be also present in the Welcome event on Tuesday 15th of November at the Miramar Palace providing a free DOP cheeses buffet.

Alimentias born in Cádiz in 1999. Its mission is to offer the best of our gastronomy to their customers by a rich selection of products from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal), to satisfy even the most demanding international palate.

Most of its cheeses have garnered prestigious international recognition at The World Cheese Awards, The International Cheese Awards and The World Championship Cheese Contest, as well as in domestic competitions, making them a market leader in the export of PDO Spanish cheeses.

It house brand “Don Juan” gives them much to be proud of. Under this label, they offer PDO cheeses such as Queso Manchego, Murcia al Vino, Queso Mahón, Tetilla and Queso Ibores. The Don Juan label is also used for other specialties. Alimentias also offers a wide selection of top-quality gourmet products: unique specialty sauces, world-famous Serrano and Ibérico, delicious traditional preserves, spices, high quality oils and olives, cheese accompaniments, and more—only found on the finest tables around the globe.

Alimentias-Don-Juan San Sebastian