40 seconds with Paula Fonolla from Formatges Reixagó

Paula Fonollá from Formatges Reixagó talks about rural areas and small artisan producers. “The way to revalue the rural world is enabling people to set and live from it” expresses the desire to increase colleagues and the sector. A sample of this way of life will be the Gazta Market area of ​​Euskadi-Basque Country International Cheese Festival where they will participate along with many other craftsmen cheese makers. This meeting will value the work these small producers make every day maintaining the cultural tradition and innovating for bio sustainable rural development.

Formatges Reixagó is located within the municipality of Olost de Lluçanès, surrounded by fields and forests. The cheeses are made with milk from cows from the farm. Food is healthy and natural, what guarantees a quality product and distinct flavor. The cheese is made entirely by hand with cow’s raw milk. They have modern facilities, which ensure that the product meets all quality certificates.