The formation is one of the main objective of ARTZAI GAZTA. They organise many formation classes and activities; providing new abilities to the members. So that, the formation courses became very important, because provide a strategic service to the associate members.

First of all, they make a calendar in August with all the courses and they send to all the associate members. After that, between September, October and November are teach all the courses, that is, when the cheesemakers aren´t in the process of elaboration. Those courses can have been teach or new.

The courses organise by ARTZAI GAZTA are open to all the people that have an interest. There are free for all the associate menbers, nevertheless, no associate menbers have to pay.

On the other hand, HAZI also organise courses for the sector. These, also, are open courses and can be free or pay. In general, the lenght of these courses is short and they work in specific matters. However, the length of some courses can be longer than one working day.